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Proverbs 15:18 “A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.”


I have been there.  Walking this world with an inner dissatisfaction with everything.  It was a life with anger, resentment, wrathful disposition, and a furious spirit.  I may not have displayed it much, but nevertheless it was there. It was a soul characterized as one who simply had no forgiveness. It was a soul that went from issue to issue looking for trouble. It was a soul that had soured. It was a soul that could not and would not be satisfied with a simple, “I am sorry”. It was a soul that needed revenge, conflict, and discord. It was a sick soul which needed retribution and payback.

Then Jesus came and made me different. Over the years I have become the one who is patient, kind, calm, loving, and forgiving. I am becoming healthy. The presence of this healthy soul calms all those around. I still have some frustration in my life, but I must allow God to calm my quarrel.

“Please God, come evermore into my life and calm my soul.” One old hymn echoes in my heart today, “Peace like a river attends my soul and it is well with my soul.”

#Just Larry

What is going on here?

Help me to understand. I simply do not understand how tearing down society and culture helps. Why would any person willingly destroy property simply to make a statement of belief? When does violence, destruction, mayhem, infliction of pain become justified to make a point? What I don’t understand is the motive behind these acts of common indecency.

The motive of those who would seem to actively tear down something has to be skewed in some way to say it is OK to protest violence with much worse violence. If it is to bring awareness to injustice, you have made your point. Yes, there is injustice in our society. Yet to inflict even more injustice is simply without merit.

I am a Christian. I am commanded to love. No limitations, no restrictions, no lines in the sand where you can step over and I will not love you. What I ask is that you look at your own lives for injustice, hate, bigotry, racism, and before you make your case. Jesus said not to judge that you may not be judged in the same manner. Are your awareness actions anything like what you want to accomplish? Do you want to be treated like you are treating those about you? Jesus would ask you to make sure your heart is right first. THEN make your case, in a logical, unemotional, thoughtful way and I will listen. Throw away all the catchphrases and sound bites, all they do is stop the discussion. Don’t call me names and fill your protest with pre-conceived ideas about me. Present to me your solutions to the injustice which carries no inherent injustices themselves, and I will try to everything in my soul to work toward that solution.

In the meantime, stop with the violence, destruction, mayhem, and infliction of pain to make a point and which does not include a solution.