Men Ministering to Men

This is an 18-week study of the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus.  It is being videoed and edited to provide online use.  Worksheets are used to facilitate discussion and promote long-term use.

The study is divided into three six week modules


Module One

  1. Introduction of John 17 the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus.
    John 17:1-26                                Video              Worksheet.
  2. The Glory of our God – Throwing His Weight Around –
    John 17:1,4,5,22,24                 Video                Worksheet
  3. The Knowledge of God – Living for Eternity –
    John 17:2,3                                   Video                Worksheet
  4. The Revelation of God – Manifesting His name – John 17:6,11,12,26                             Video                Worksheet
  5. Obedience to God – Keeping His words –
    John 17: 6,8,14,17                   Video                 Worksheet
  6. Unified with God – Living as One – John 17:11, 20,21,22,23
      Video                  Worksheet

Module Two

  1. Protection of God – Macro and Micro John 17:12,13,15
     Video                   Worksheet
  2. The Joy of God – Feeling the Glory  John 17:14
    Video                 No worksheet
  3. In or out – Where do believers fit in the world?
    Video   Study sheet for word definitions    Worksheet
  4. Living beyond the flawed life — John 17:16-23
    Video               Apostles test                    Worksheet
  5. What does God expect of His disciples? John 17:16-23
    Video                worksheets
  6. Heaven and the Glory of God John 17:24
    Video                        Worksheet

Module Three

  1. What is God?  Cultural Context  John 17:24,25
    Video                                     Worksheet
  2. Who is God? One truth many applications John 17:24-27
    Video                                      Worksheet
  3. The reflection of God.  You shall know them by their love.
  4. God In me.  Not figurative language but the truth
    Video                                       Worksheet
  5. Prayer is a human thing John 17:1-26
    Video                                       Worksheet
  6. The importance of prayer in the Christian Life John 17:1-26

The Study of God and Life