Who are we?


Our Approach

I have seen the good and the not so good in the church.  I have studied the Bible for over 30 years.  I have preached before a few and a  thousand.  I have studied business and technology.  I have worked for the largest processor manufacturer in the world. I have managed projects costing millions in healthcare, building management, and smaller projects for school districts.  I have worked in large computer implementations and small church networks.  I just want to share my experience with whomever needs a sane view on reality.

Meet the Team

We are a home based world.  We go to church and do what we can.  It is all a matter of giving back.


Rev. Larry J. Monson

Founder & CEO

Minister, MBA, Technologist, Maverick


Life without Judgement



Bonnie Monson


Editor, Creative Consultant

The Study of God and Life