Sermon on the Mount

A study on Matthews Gospel account of the sermon on the mount from chapters 5, 6, 7. This study was presented to a group of men virtually during the Covid 19 shutdown.

Lesson one – An overall introduction including background, context, and authorial intent. Matthew 5:1-2

Lesson two – Overview of the lessons from the Beatitudes Matthew 5: 3-12

Lesson three – Lessons about Kingdom of Heaven Citizens Matthew 5:13-16

Lesson four – Kingdom Citizens righteousness greater than the Pharisees Matthew 5:17-20

Lesson five – Kingdom Citizens and the sin of discounting others in anger Matthew 5:21-26

Lesson six – Kingdom Citizen’s relationship to temptation Matthew 5:27-30

Lesson Seven – Taking marriage and divorce as Jesus does. Matthew 5:31,32

Lesson Eight – How important is your word Matthew 5:33-37

Lesson nine – What is the difference between retribution and justice Matthew 5:38-42

Lesson ten – Love your enemy, even if they are wrong

Lesson eleven – what motivates you?

Lesson Twelve – Caution Hypocrisy is contagious

Lesson Thirteen – Which King is in charge?

Lesson Fourteen – Treasuring your treasure

Lesson Fifteen – Do you have a bad eye?

Lesson Sixteen – Master, Master, who is your Master

Lesson Seventeen – What me Worry?

Lesson Eighteen – It’s God’s job

Lesson Nineteen – Heavenly slot Machine

Lesson Twenty – the Rule that is not so gold any more

Lesson Twenty-one – Make a choice – Which gate?

Lesson Twenty-two – Make a choice – Which prophet?

Lesson Twenty-three – Make a choice – Which Disciple are you?

Lesson Twenty-four – Make a choice – Which foundation to you build on?

Lesson Twenty-five – I stand amazed

Lesson Twenty-six — 10 great changes in my life.

The Study of God and Life