Sermon Central – Old Testament

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Historical Books – 17 books


Genesis 15-16 Adoption of the Expedient

Problems are part of life.  Some even are caused by our own ill advised self conceived solutions.  The story of Abram and Sari is a great story on problems and some of the lessons that are to be learned. PDF Version

Law – 5 books

History  – 12 books

Kings 1 and 2

2 Kings 4: 1-7 When you reach the end of your rope

Do you every feel trapped? Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope? What do you do when you reach that point? The realist would say, “Just tie a knot and hang on.” The pessimist would say, “You might as well let go; it’s only going to get worse.” The optimist might say, “Just tie another knot and keep on climbing.” Each of those has its merits but, in reality, what can you do?  PDF Version

Wisdom and Literature – 5 books

Prophecy – 17 books

Major Prophets – 5 books


Isaiah 6: 1-8 Catching a new vision

If you want to know what is Holy.  If you want to know how to live your life.  If you want to know how to build a church. Don’t analyze the problems.  Don’t call another preacher.  Don’t call another board meeting. Don’t schedule another workshop. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  Just catch a new vision of God.  PDF Version

Minor Prophets – 12 books


The Study of God and Life