Sermon Central – New Testament

Sermon Central – New Testament

This is the place where I am trying to archive all my messages I have accumulated over the years.  Most are in outline form.  The sources for some have been lost over the years.  So if you use one please make it your own.

Four Gospels




Luke 5:5-6 Fishing and Catching

There is little doubt in my family that I like to go fishing What may be thought strange is I seldom bring my catch home.  It is the act of fishing, it is the effort of fishing, it is the methods and processes of fishing that quiets my soul.  PDF Version





Romans 1:17-24 Let’s make a sin list and rank them.

There is no ranking of Sin.

  • There is no sin worse than any other.
  • Hitler’s sin is just as much a sin as my sin.
  • We could easily make a list of sins.
  • We could characterize them, we can sort them, we can put them in nice little buckets.
  • We could give them special names like venial or carnal or unforgivable; but ultimately they are simply sin.
  • One size fits all sin.

Romans 7:14-25,8:1,2 – The crucial confession

Let me put a fortune tellers hat on my head and try to peek into your soul.  now I want you to be totally honest with yourself.  And if I hit a nerve please don’t say anything, and don’t even raise an eyebrow. PDF Version

Found eyes to see – Romans 4:1-13



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