Peace of God within Me

Romans 15:33 “Now the God of peace be with you all”


The God I serve and praise is more than an uninterested supreme being living up in some cloud. The God I find satisfying to my soul is my creator.  The God I focus on every day is one of peace.  God created us to have peace with him. He desires us to be at peace with everyone we encounter.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace. God the author of peace wants peace with his creation. He seeks peace.  My God does not rejoice in my pain or conflict. God does not sit with impunity, looking down and laughing at my stubbornness and rebellion.  Peace was lost first by the rebellion of Lucifer.  Again, peace was lost in the garden by Adam and Eve in their willfulness.  In my stubbornness and rebellion, I can destroy my peace with God. It is my choice to go my own way.

It is also my choice to relinquish my obstinate and persistent attitudes and accept the freely offered alternative.  It is my choice to have “the God of peace with” me.