Romans Bible Study

One of the great pleasures in my Christian walk is to share some of the things I have discovered in my studies.  This page provides the links to the Bible Study I am currently providing a group of men on the Book of Romans.

Most preachers and small group teachers are content to deal with the texts and passages scattered throughout Romans, to the neglect of an understanding of the whole.    Most are content to provide insight without a entire study or the complete work.  Many great passages are overlooked or deliberately bypassed.  This is an attempt to dig through the entire epistle. This is my attempt to present the entirety of this monumental work.

Lesson 1 – Basic Outline of Romans

Lesson 2 – Romans 1:1 Discovering Paul

Lesson 3 – Romans 1:1 Being Set Apart

Lesson 4 – Romans 1:2-4  Jesus the GOD-MAN

Lesson 5 – Romans 1:5-7 Grace and Apostleship

Lesson 6 – Romans 1:8-17 Faith that makes a difference

Lesson 7 – Romans 1:18-25 Wrath or Love

Lesson 8 – Romans 2:1  Let’s make a sin list.

Lesson 9 – Romans 2:2-16 Judgement on Judgement

Lesson 10 – Romans 2:17-28 Law=Gospel, Jew=Christian

Lesson 11 -Romans 3:1-2 What advantage?

Lesson 12- Romans 3:2-31 Heavenly Resume’

Lesson 13- Romans 4:1-13 Ungodly Abraham

Lesson 14 – Romans 4:14 Three ways to not find salvation

Lesson 15 – Romans 4:16 The enabling power of God

Lesson 16 – Romans 5:1-11 Fruit of Justification

Lesson 17 – Romans 5:12-19 Imputed, inherited, personal

Lesson 18 – Romans 6:1-14 Presumption and Life

Lesson 20 – Romans 6:15-23 One answer to two questions.


The Study of God and Life