Please Sir

Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


Much like the Oliver Twist we state sheepishly to God, “please sir, I need some more.”  We come, we petition, we stand in line with the expectations of another scoop of gruel. The portion allotted to me must get better.  I look toward tomorrow in hope the scoop will be bigger. As I start my day with a cup of coffee in my cave like study, a portion is supplied, each with some pleasure, and some trouble.  Not always in the same proportion.  At issue on the side hill is along with the want of more, comes a specific want. “Tomorrow I want more of the good stuff and much less of the not so good.”

Today is also be supplied with the grace and mercy for today. Enough of God’s provision to overcome the not so good. And not enough to carry over for tomorrow. For today, it is enough, I don’t need some more.