My path, my hope!

Tell me Lord, in your merciful grace,
What would you desire for me in this place,
In my life lived out both near and far?
Or Should I look up and yearn for a star?
Or should we be content with things that are?

What is your will? What is your plan?
Living a life and doing what I can?
Or perhaps to find a greater call,
Giving myself up, and relinquishing all
And adverting my eyes and hazarding a fall.

Tell me Lord, shall I grunt and grown beneath a load,
Or give it all up that I may skip along the golden road?
Do I simply keep on keeping on with a load to hard to bear?
With my head held low in total defeat and woefull despair?
Is this my destined plight, is it a dull prospect or fair?

Would you have me, just as I am , my Lord?
Sinking beneath the load I bear and can ill afford,
What is your will, shall I drag on or or make footsteps fleet?
My choice is before me, living the path set by your feet,
Or living a life full of pain and defeat.

I hear and echo your voice, I smile with a pure inner warm,
A voice that healed the lepers and calmed my inner storm.
“Your yoke is easy, your burden is light.”
Your path for me is simple and a gracious delight.
Steady on to the higher prize to a place of perfect light.

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