God in the trunk.

Sometimes God seems distant.  You know what I mean, sometimes the Preachers sermon doesn’t quite hit the right spots for you.  It is when you go about your day and you know full well that God is everywhere, but you feel as thought instead of being in the passenger seat but more like back in the trunk. I don’t think that the God I serve and love and adore and most highly esteem is hiding but He seems a little far off.  It is as if He may well be taking a rest from all the junk He has to put up with from me.  I stick my nose into something when I shouldn’t, or I make a supposedly humorous remark that puts someone on edge.  It is probably a self-imposed distance, but it is hard to not notice the gap sometimes.

The good thing is that in a 50 years or less, God will not know me better than He does right now. He knows my weaknesses and my foibles yet He still loves me.  The second thing is that in 50 years or less I will know God much more than I do now.

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