Daily Devotions

These daily devotions are based on a list of scriptures discovered, meditated upon and written about. One of the goals of my responses to be short (around 250words) and pertaining to my life as a Christian.

Devotions for January – Emphasis on Renewal

Devotions for February- Emphasis on forgiveness and being forgiven

Devotions for March – Emphasis miracles

Devotions for April – Emphasis on Assurance

Devotions for May – In need of Grace and Mercy – INOGAM

Devotions for June – Emphasis on the names of Jesus

Devotions for July – Emphasis on the true justice of God

Devotions for August – Emphasis on finding peace through pain

Devotions for September – On the grassy hillside with Jesus

Devotions for October – Emphasis on moments of worship

Devotions for November – Emphasis on gratitude

Devotions for December – Emphasis on loving your neighbor

The Study of God and Life